You work so hard to lead visitors to your website in the hopes that they will engage your services. For various reasons, the visitor may prefer to use the 'Contact Us' form you have on your site as the means to contact you and ask questions. But what if you never receive the contact information? Maybe it got stuck in your spam or junk folder or maybe it simply went unnoticed by your staff.

Enter ContactTrak. This system utilizes a standard contact form that can be embedded on your site via an iframe so that even though it is running on its own server, it appears to be part of your site. The ContactTrak system will email the visitors information to you like most other forms, however it also will record the form data into a database that you can access at any time.

Once a visitor has completed the form and the data is emailed to you, the ContactTrak system starts a timer. When the form data is received in your email, simply click the 'mark as received' button at the bottom of the email to acknowledge that the visitors contact info was received. This will not only mark the contact data as received, it will also stop the timer and note how much time elapsed between the data being sent and when it was marked received. This will allow you to track how timely the customer contact information is being attended to. It will also allow you to see if any contact information was received in the database but not ever marked received. This could alert you to an urgent situation and assure that this information was not lost to inattention or spam/junk filters.

To learn more about how to access the administrative panel, see our ContactTrak Tutorial.