Suport Michigan Michigan Economic Health
It’s no secret that Michigan is suffering tough economic times. Small business is the heart of our economy and will be a leader in returning this state back to a robust economy. Although the politicians can help with the recovery by eliminating some of the hurdles for small business to succeed, this recovery will not happen without ALL of us making changes in the way we do business.

The most important thing anyone can do is simply keep Michigan dollars in Michigan! Spend your dollars with the Michigan businesses that will in turn spend their dollars in this state. When ever possible, we need to stop sending our money out of this state to other businesses that don't have a vested interest in the success of this economy.

Where is your hosting money going? Some other state? Another country? Did you know that Spyridon Technologies is a Michigan company with Michigan employees. All of our Web Servers are physically located right here in Michigan as well. And Spyridon has pledged to keep its dollars in Michigan by supporting other Michigan companies whenever possible.

Although maintaining your Web Hosting with Spyridon Technologies is just a small part of the solution, as a Spyridon Technologies client you can display our 'We Support Business in Michigan' badge on your website with pride. Let others who want to support our state know that you are a company that supports Michigan and is part of the solution to our economic recovery.